Celebrities/Public Figures

Tony Darrow

Appeared in 5 Seasons of The Sopranos as "Larry Boy Barese" but is probably best known for playing "Sonny Bunz" the nightclub owner in the blockbuster film (GoodFellas). Tony was ecstatic coming on board as he despises animal cruelty and believes Animal Abusers should get the same punishment they inflict on their victims. He resides in Northern New Jersey and has a rescue dog named Jack.


Joseph R. Gannascoli

Appeared in 6 Seasons of The Sopranos as "Vito Spatafore". Joe showed an interest in supporting our company as he believes more needs to be done for animal welfare across our country. When he is not acting in films & television, Joe enjoys his time with family and dog sitting. Joe resides in Long Island, New York. 


Dan Grimaldi

Appeared in 6 Seasons of The Sopranos as "Patsy Parisi/Philly Parisi". Dan grew up with Cats and believes stricter laws need to be in place for people who abuse Animals and that Politicians need to step it up when it comes to Animal Welfare Issues. Dan resides in New Jersey.


Robert Funaro

Appeared in 4 Seasons of The Sopranos as "Eugene Pontecorvo" and also played "Johnny" in the (Irishman) opposite Robert Deniro & Al Pacino. Rob is a big family man and has a Shitzu/Poodle mix named Peppa. Rob resides in Staten Island, New York.


William DeMeo

Appeared in 3 Seasons of the Sopranos as "Jason Molinaro", played "Sammy Gravano" opposite John Travolta in the movie (Gotti) and has a TV Series out on Amazon Prime called (Gravesend). Will came on board with excitement knowing what our mission is. He is an avid animal lover who has 2 Pug/Beagle mixes named Rocky & Brooklyn. Will resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Curtis & Nancy Sliwa

Curtis is the Founder of The Guardian Angels, A Radio Talk Show Host for WABC and is a 2021 NYC Mayor Candidate. Curtis and his wife Nancy whose an attorney are avid Animal Lovers who've teamed up with our company president to combat Animal Cruelty. They reside in NYC. They have 13 amazing Cats.  In the photo with Ruthless Squad member "Bad News" Sweet Pea


Paul Borghese

An Actor, Director & Producer whose worked with Alec Baldwin, Danny Glover, Michael Madsen and fellow Animal Supporter William DeMeo. Paul was more than happy to jump on board to show support in any way he could. A class act and an avid Animal Lover. Paul resides in Upstate New York.


Artie Pasquale

Appeared in 4 Seasons of The Sopranos as "Burt Gervasi" and is a close friend of our company's president. He strongly believes that laws for Animal Abuse need to be strengthened and enforced in order to significantly decrease the crimes against animals. Artie resides in New Jersey.


Louis Vanaria

Best known for playing "Crazy Mario" in the blockbuster movie (A Bronx Tale) starring Chazz Palmenteri & Robert Deniro. He also had a role as "Dave Ferri" in (The Irishman) Starring Robert Deniro, Al Pacino & Joe Pesci. Lou has a huge heart for animals and spoke highly of the family dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named "Frank Sinatra" who passed away a couple years ago. Lou resides in Upstate New York.


Peter Gaudio

A former BodyBuilding Champion and Actor who played "Verducci" in the film (Cruise) that starred Emily Ratajkowski. Peter has a love for animals and immediately wanted to come aboard to show support when he learned of our plans for the animals. Peter resides in Queens, New York.



Barry Morgenstein

Barry brings over 30 years experience as an Award Winning Photographer with a World-Renowned appeal. He's photographed Meryl Streep, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Steven Tyler and Joyce Randolph to name a few. Barry was the Official Photographer for Howard Stern's Book "Private Parts" which later became a documentary. He is an avid animal lover who believes in "Adopt Don't Shop". Barry has 2 cats named Jax & Mr. Tibbs and resides in New Jersey.



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